A'lizzabeth did an amazing job cutting and styling my hair. 
I'm basically a hair stylist's worst nightmare. I usually forget to get my hair cut for years at a time, I don't know how to style well, and usually the best I can do in terms of prep in the morning is comb and walk out the door. I've had many haircuts where the stylist assures me it's "low maintenance" only to find it looks cruddy without 25 minutes of work. 

But A'lizzabeth was different! We spent a great deal of time talking about my needs and lifestyle. We talked through what might work for me, and she did an amazing job washing, cutting, and styling my hair. She walked me through a "get up and go" styling routine, then showed me how to blow dry it out for moments when I had a bit more time. All throughout, she was friendly and kind and explained what she was doing. 

I'm really really pleased with how it turned out, and look forward to returning!

-Lori S.


First time at the salon and A'lizzabeth crushed it! Was looking for lighter natural highlights and got what I asked for. Very happy with the results, super happy I found her

-Kathy R.


A'Lizzabeth ordered, colored, and styled ombre extensions and bang piece for my wedding. I was beyond impressed with the final look. My extensions were so gorgeous. I never realized how fun and easy it was to wear clip-in extensions. I was very torn about which color to make the ends. I had told A'Lizzabeth that my hair color needed to go with pink, black, silver, or burgandy. I had no idea what my reception dress color was going to be. I left it up to her to decide the perfect color. I was torn between pink, silver, or lavender. She decided to go with the silvery grey ends. I absolutely loved the final look for my wedding!! I highly recommend any brides to be to get a wedding consultation with A'Lizzabeth. You will not regret it. Thanks A'Lizzabeth for making my wedding hair gorgeous!

-Bella M


A'Lizzabeth is now my go-to stylist!  She really listened to my hair nightmares and assessed the best solutions to my hair problems, (thinning, dull + breakage.)  She gave me a cut that minimizes these flaws without chopping off my long locks.  Plus she has a great personality and was a pleasure to chat with.  I highly recommend this salon!

-Kate T


Growing out a pixie cut, dear god...

Thankfully, there's A'Lizzabeth. In the past I've been a very simple just-walk-into-Supercuts kind of person, but was curious what difference in quality I would get if I jumped up an additional dollar sign. Verdict: 1000% worth it.

A'Lizzabeth took into account so much more information: my hair texture, my patience for daily styling, my past haircuts, and my "destination" hair, understanding how to get from point A to point B. She evaluated my hair and was able to see every move past stylists had made, correcting based on the tracks left behind, to get me to my future point B.

There was warm conversation, and the atmosphere inside was great, too. Booking was a breeze. Apparently she does complimentary inbetween trims, too. 10/10 will definitely be back.

-Hann L.


this is for crazy color dreams by hair assassin/conjurer/legend A'Lizzabeth.

holy cow she is so talented.

we discussed my hair goals and concerns (previously color treated hair I've spent 2 years growing out an undercut pixie so i was v attached to the length) and she decided to use olaplex for my lightening. she kept a careful eye on my hair and made sure not to over-bleach. she is a perfectionist and took great care hand painting bleach and color. while coloring she noticed my
hair was closer to a different color than my ideal, so she applied a second pass of color to make sure I got what I wanted. rinse, dry, style, I'm a rainbow badass thanks to her. and she's a delight to spend 5 hours of your day with, GIANT bonus!

10/10 highly recommend

-Riss R. 


Got a cut and balayage half highlights from A'Lizzabeth for a much needed refresh.  Her passion and attention to detail made me relinquish control and let her work her magic.  Thankfully I did!  She is amazing!!  :)

-Mariana G.


I saw A'lizzabeth for a bleach and color appointment. She is absolutely amazing. She is very knowledgable and creative with her color application. I wanted something more lavender gray and she was very honest with where my hair was and what we had to do to get it where we wanted. 

A'lizzabeth is very realistic with expectations and she is very honest with what needs to be done to achieve the color you want. She is a perfectionist and will not stop trying until you absolutely love the results.

A'lizzabeth is a pleasure to spend time with. We all know how sometimes sitting in a chair for 3+ hours can be tiresome but this was not the case for me. She was very fun to chat with and we had a bunch of laughs. 

I will be seeing her again and again. I recommend!

-Tara K.


I just recently got my hair done with A'lizzabeth for the first time, as my previous hairstylist (who I loved) was unfortunately too inconvenient for me to get to. I went in with an idea, but wanting to get some feedback and suggestions from my new stylist. A'lizzabeth was amazing! We sat down and discussed all of the different options of what color would be best for me in terms of my skin tone and how wild I wanted to get. We settled on something in between and it turned out great! All for a completely reasonable price

Highly recommend and will absolutely be going to see her again soon

-Brittany U.


A'Lizzabeth Barrett cut my hair and ombred it w/ purple and teal. She did a fantastic job and was a fun stylist to talk with (no awkward questions/silence)! She also could tell where I had the most hair, so now it's layered where it should be.
Highly recommend! Just try to come w/ public transit, parking is obviously difficult considering the location.

-Meghan W.


On February 7th 2016, I called in for a blow dry and style. When I went in I told the hair stylist I was wanting my hair to dry smooth and healthy looking. Alizzabeth advised me a keratin treat would help get the result I was looking for and she was Able to fit me that day to do it which was awesome and I'm so very pleased with the end result! Plus she had a great attitude and did a good job on my hair!!!
Thank you, Amber :-)

-Amber R.


 A'Lizzabeth is literally my favorite person I've ever met, and she is a color genius. A huge plus that she knows the ins and outs of Olaplex. I highly recommend her for great natural looking highlights/balayage. You will fall in love instantly, she is an absolute doll.

-Rebeka J.


Typically I hate going to salons because I'm a cheapskate and I don't like being forced to make small talk. But I decided to anyway since my last dye job had been bleeding purple all over my face for almost two straight months.
I made an appointment with A'lizzabeth to get my roots bleached and then my entire head re-colored. She was wonderful~! Not only was she super knowledgeable about what dyes and colors to use, she also really took my input into account. Plus I have really curly hair and she cut it without any problem. The whole experience was a total delight, and now I have a great looking dye job (I get complimented about once a day on it) that is finally not bleeding dye constantly!

-Noah S


I just got my haircut by A'lizzabeth and absolutely loved it. I'm normally reserved and quiet, but she was super easy and fun to talk too. She definitely knows the ins and outs of taking care of hair. I'm a pretty plain and simple type girl, one who doesn't use anything, but shampoo and conditioner, but have neglected to get a haircut for far too long, so naturally my ends dried up and split ends were noticeable. She asked the right questions to understand my hair history and style. After hearing me out and deciding how many inches to cut off, she suggested layers, to which I responded with a horror story, but she knew exactly what kind of horror I experience so she explained exactly what she meant by layers. I trusted her and I'm glad I did! The 'layers at the ends' look great (softens up the hard cut). Looking forward to coming again regularly. I totally recommend her!

-Elizabeth S.


I got my hair done by A'Lizzabeth and it was a great overall experience! She is incredibly skilled & knowledgeable about color and care and an absolute blast to chat with! I would absolutely recommend her and I look forward to going back!

-Amanda M.


I was in desperate need of a haircut so I chose this place based on Yelp reviews and it was close to where I was staying. I was very happy with my decision! Reasonably priced especially for the city, they took me for an appointment an hour after I called and they offered me wine/tea/coffee when I arrived which was great :) A'Lizzabeth did a great job on my hair! I wanted a pretty simple trim and style and she listened to everything I said (I wanted to keep the length but clean it up a little). She was easy to talk to and had some great suggestions without being pushy. She also had a few minutes before her next appointment arrived so she asked if I wanted a little complimentary curl/style which I loved! I will definitely be back!

-Caroline B.


I needed an urgent trim while I was in town and A'lizzabeth was able to work her magic on my distressed hair while being a lovely conversationalist. I walked out of the salon feeling relieved and confident  with my sleek hairstyle, ready to take on the world  (or at least the event I am hosting tonight).

-Bethany M.


A'Lizzabeth is magical.  I'm in love with my color and cut.  I'm one of the fussiest people I know when it comes to my hair, but she seriously knows what's best for your shape face and skin tones.  She was on it every step of the way and not only that but she's super personable and funny.  Best haircut/color in years.  She is new to SF so I really wanted to write this  to help this great stylist build up a clientele while showing my appreciation.

-Alyssa L.


Seconding A'Lizzabeth's magical abilities. I just moved to the area and had no idea where to go to get a worn out ombré and old extensions re-dyed, and luckily found this salon. My hair came out better than i could have hoped! A'Lizzabeth seriously put some life back into it, so much so that I was already excited to book my follow-up appointment when I left the salon.

-Nicole P


A'Lizzabeth did an absolutely beautiful pink ombre on my blonde hair. Not only is she an amazing hair artisan, but she is super friendly, welcoming, and lovely to talk to. The salon itself is nicely decorated and has great energy! If you want a great hair cut/ dye and a fantastic experience, go to A’Lizzabeth!

-Erica D.


I'm so happy I found A'lizzabeth (thank you, other Yelpers as honestly your comments and ratings are why I stumbled upon this little gem in the first place)! I'm new to SF and was terrified for that first attempt at having someone new take care of my hair color and cut and I was in such good hands with A'lizzabeth I knew right away I had nothing to worry about. She listened to my hair history and thought through the best solution for my color. Overall great results! Can't wait to go back!

-Kristin G.


Two things I worry about finding after a cross-country move: A good doctor and a good stylist. I turned to the interwebs for guidance and found A'lizzabeth. She's amazing!! Fixed up my sad, dragging color and a bit overdue cut into a cut that is both bold and classic. Above and beyond that, she's a fantastic conversationalist that I want to stick around and chat with. Thanks, gal! You have a new lifer.

-Cassie C.


It has been a while since I have done any major coloring to my hair and thus didn't know where to go.  I went on yelp and read so many great reviews about A'lizzabeth.  I booked an appointment and when I got there, A'lizzabeth was amazing. She was honest and helped me understand my expectations so that they were realistic without damaging my hair!  A'lizzabeth was very easy to talk to and I appreciate her care and attention -- she truly is an expert.  I've gotten so many compliments on my hair and am having such a fun time with the color.  I'm looking forward to future visits -- I think I've found the perfect salon for me!

-Jeanne T.


A'lizzabeth is awesome! The great experience with this salon started with the booking process. I love places that have super easy, simple, online booking. I chose the time I wanted and they confirmed through email. Easy peasy. Once I got to the salon, the first thing A'lizzabeth did was offer me a glass of wine. It was definitely welcome after a long day at the office! From there, we quickly discussed my hair type and routine, things I liked about my hair, things I didn't. A'lizzabeth was super knowledgeable and suggested a few ideas to try. Then we got down to business. She was super friendly and chatty without being distracted or overbearing at all through the entire appointment. She put me very much at ease and even though it was our first time working together, I felt like I was getting my hair cut by a friend. On top of it all, the prices at the salon are extremely reasonable, especially for SF! Absolutely loved the experience from start to finish. Definitely recommend!

-Tiffany B.


I went here on a whim yesterday and it is already my favorite salon in San Francisco! I booked the appointment online on the same day with little idea of what to expect. I got a haircut by A'Lizzabeth and she is truly wonderful. I've had so few haircut experiences with someone as knowledgeable as her. She made many helpful suggestions and worked with me to discern which haircut would complement my hair type and lifestyle. A'Lizzabeth is also very careful not to over-cut, which is a rare experience for me. I highly recommend her, and plan to be a regular customer myself!

-Ruthie S.


I had A'Lizzabeth for a trim and a consultation on what to do with my very damaged and grown out hair. After years of going and rolling the dice at various beauty schools because of my eternal brokeness, but still having the desire to have crazy colored hair, I was fed up when the last time completely fried my already bleach-damaged locks. Thankfully I wasn't yet to the wet-noodle stage of damage, but A'Lizzabeth was completely knowledgeable and understanding of my situation and knew just what to do. I had about 5 months of regrowth and was interested in keeping my rooty look just for ease of maintenance and ease on my wallet. I was also interested in growing out my hair and she took off just enough to make my hair feel healthier and still keep it's shape. She also did a wonderful job of cutting my baby hangs into a more flattering shape. I'm super excited to go back and have her color my hair!

-Michelle D